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Tempura Calamari [fried squid] - Simple Recipes

Tempura Calamari [fried squid]

tempura calamari

tempura calamari

Calling all calamari lovers! This calamari recipe rocks! 



  • 1 pound cleaned squid
  • 2 cups (with liquids added) of your favorite tempura batter
  • oil for frying
  • deep fryer


  1. Cut the tentacle pieces off first.
  2. Slice up the squid tubes into rings to desired thickness (1/2″ is great).
  3. Preheat the deep fryer.
  4. Prepare batter according to packaging instructions.
  5. Dip the rings and tentacles in batter and gently toss in the hot oil.
  6. It should only take a few minutes to reach a pretty golden color and crisp exterior.
  7. Sample one.
  8. Repeat!
  9. Serve with cocktail sauce, garlic aioli, or an asian dipping sauce.

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