A Quick Guide to Oil Pulling (Using Coconut Oil)

Oil pulling is a hot all natural health and beauty trend right now and there are many benefits to adding this little routine to your daily regimen and here’s the short list:

Whitens teeth, helps fight bad breath and gingivitis, pulls toxins and bacteria from your saliva/mouth. Some people say it helps clear skin and acne problems. Fights cavities? OK, now I haven’t found research done on the cavity thing, but some say it does! Others have said it helps with headaches and hangovers, liver problems, asthma, hormone imbalances, skin conditions…One of the benefits that I’m really enjoying is the inst-lip moisturizer that accompanies the coconut oil. Also, the coconut leaves a light pleasant aftertaste.

My husband and I recently started doing this in the morning after coffee. The key is to take about a teaspoon or more of coconut or sesame oil and (if you’re using coconut oil let it”melt” in your mouth without swallowing). Swish it around like you would do with mouth wash, but do it for 20 minutes. Here’s a tip! Do it while you shower or while you check your morning emails/read the news/etc.

Warning! Out of habit, your first instinct will be to spit out in sink. Do not, I repeat, do not spit out into the sink or toilet! Oils thicken up and can cause clogging of pipes/drain. rinse your mouth with warm water afterwards to clean out any lingering toxins.




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