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about us

We’ve been married for a year and a half now, so I don’t think we’re
considered “newlyweds” anymore, but the honeymoon is not over yet! We
cook for each other every day. Since we work from home, we tend to do
a lot of eating in the house as well. We’ve also added a new member to
our family…we adopted our pup, Luca from an Animal Control facility
in Connecticut. She brings so much joy to our lives. Luca’s favorite
snack is Parmesan cheese.

A little about us:
Hi! Meet the Fullers! We’re a husband and wife team from New England with a passion for cooking and sharing our personal creations and easy main-stream recipes! As busy newlyweds on a budget, we prefer to make recipes with minimal ingredients when possible and we definitlely prefer to keep the costs down (as we save up for our first house). Some of our favorite concoctions have come from an almost empty fridge/pantry. Love that! We hope that you’ll join us in our journey with food and give some our simple recipes a try!


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4.) If you’re searching for some cool seasonal recipes, check out the “TIS THE SEASON” section. We love to showcase fun and most importantly simple recipes that anyone can whip together. Here, you’ll notice a small sampling of fun recipes with seasonal ingredients and wow factor!

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